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                               Club News
Here is the latest news from the Port Charlotte Sunrise Kiwanis!                             

Christine Varcoe, Development Director, The Homeless Coalition, Special Speaker - 07/12/2018
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The Special Speaker was Christine A. Varcoe, Development Director, The Homeless Coalition. Ms. Varcoe shared with the Sunrise Kiwanians an overview of the programs that the Coalition is providing for the homeless in Charlotte County. One of the new programs she shared was the "Key Holder Circle" program that gives you the opportunity to provide monthly support, beginning at little as $10.00 a month, a wide variety of services for the homeless. Over 19 children, under the age of 18, were recently housed with their families at the Homeless Coalition. To learn more about the "Key Holder Circle", please contact Christine A. Varcoe at 941.627.4313 or 

Roger Eaton, Charlotte County Clerk of Courts, Special Speaker, June 5th, 2018 - 07/06/2018
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Roger Eaton, Charlotte County Clerk of Courts, was the special speaker at the weekly Thursday morning meeting, Port Charlotte Sunrise Kiwanis (July 5th, 2018.) Mr. Eaton gave an overview of his first year as Charlotte County Clerk of Courts. Here are some highlights: Keeping to his promises of "upgrading the technology" in the Clerk of Courts Office, he introduced a Jury App (the only one in the state) to streamline the jury reporting process for prospective jury members. Mr. Eaton implemented a "same day - cash paid" for jury duty. The Clerk of Courts office is 70% "paperless." Mr. Eaton also introduced a "Property Fraud Alert" app to notify...

Shoes for Kids Delivered to Peace River Elementary School - 07/06/2018
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Maryann Mize and Michael Riley stopped by the Peace River Elementary School to assist Christy Smith, Founder & Director of the Shoes For Kids-Sunrise Kiwanis in delivering over 400 pairs of brand new tennis shoes. Look for Maryann Mize's special report on the Charlotte State Bank & Trust Facebook page. Assisting were Melissa White, Assistant Principal and Heidi Keegan, Principal.

Chris Hege, Director of Operations, Power Forward International, Special Speaker - 06/28/2018
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Chris Hege, Director of Operations for PowerForward was the special speaker at the weekly Thursday morning meeting for Port Charlotte Sunrise Kiwanis. Mr. Hege shared his passion for the Power Forward program reaching the children of Haiti. Founded in 2008 by former Haitian pro basketball player, Pierre Valmera, PowerForward has held basketball camps with over 500 children in attendance. Each child receives new tennis shoes, basketball instruction and meals. PowerForward will be taking over the funding and operation of a school in Haiti - where fewer than 30% of the 57% enrolled in primary school make it to the 3rd grade. To learn more about PowerForward and/or to contact...

William E. "Bill" Ringelstein, Lions Club Member, Special Speaker - 06/21/2018
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Greetings! Bill Ringelstein, Punta Gorda Lions Club, was the special speakers. Mr. Ringelstein gave an informative presentation on the hearing and vision tests conducted by the Lions Club in Charlotte County. Hundreds of pre-school and school children are tested each year with the latest in technology, allowing the Lions Club members to test efficiently.  It was great to hear about another non-profit club working with the "Children in Charlotte County." (Photo L-R) Dr. Mark DeGrove, Bill Ringelstein and Rachael Lowe.  

Mrs. Jill Mitchell, 4th Grade Teacher, Neil Armstrong Elementary Shares Reading Program Info - 06/07/2018
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Mrs. Jill Mitchell, 25th year - 4th Grade teacher, Neil Armstrong Elementary School, was the special speaker at the weekly Thursday morning (06/07/2018) meeting of the Port Charlotte Sunrise Kiwanis. Mrs. Mitchell gave an overview of her reading program for her 4th graders and how the Sunrise Kiwanis monthly reading program for the students is incorporated into her program. With the grant provided by the Port Charlotte Sunrise Kiwanis, the students each receive a new book each month for their home library, 14 books are purchased for the classroom and each student receives a individually chosen book for Christmas. Each student is tested at the beginning of the year to establish their reading...

Roy Johnson, 94, Port Charlotte Sunrise Kiwanian Will be Missed! - 06/05/2018
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A long-time friend and fellow Kiwanian, ROY JOHNSON, 94, passed away last Saturday. He and his late wife Edna owned Johnson Wholesale. Roy was a member of Kiwanis for over 40 years and worked many projects.  You could usually see Roy (seated), George Metz and Bob Carpenter seated together at the Port Charlotte Sunrise Kiwanis Club meetings every week at the Cultural Center for years.

"Thank you, Roy, for all you did for our community."

(Photo L-R) Roy Johnson, (seated), Bob Carpenter and George Metz


Howard Kunik, City Manager of Punta Gorda, Special Speaker - 05/26/2018
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Howard Kunik, City Manager, City Of Punta Gorda - Government, was the special speaker at the Port Charlotte Sunrise Kiwanis weekly Thursday morning (05/24/2018) meeting. Mr. Kunik shared with the Kiwanis member ongoing and upcoming projects for the City of Punta Gorda. 
(Photo L-R) Sunrise Kiwanis Member - Joan Greene, Howard Kunik, Punta Gorda City Manager and Sunrise Kiwanis Member , Matt Uebelacker.

Sunrise Kiwanis Completes School Reading Program - 05/26/2018
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For the past several years, the Port Charlotte Sunrise Kiwanis Club has been reading and providing books to students at Neil Armstrong Elementary (Mrs. Alexander's Class) and Peace River Elementary (Mrs. Armstrong's 2nd Grade Class) schools. Special "Thank You" cards were made and presented to the Sunrise Kiwanis Reading Team: Rachael Lowe, Joan Greene and Brandi Fassett Ball. Not Pictured: Kelli Geddeis and John Schoenbauer. Thanks for your efforts, it is making a difference in the lives of dozens of school kids.

Sunrise Kiwanis Announces Dart Tournament - July 19th @ the Icehouse - 05/22/2018
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Make plans now to attend one of the most fun events of the Sunrise Kiwanis year. The "Dart Tournament!"  July 19th @ The Icehouse Pub!  Get a team together and have fun!